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Happy New Year 2018!

Some custom works are in progress, a grey Breyer "Duchess" nearly complete, and also a Copperfox ISH for my personal collection.
Besides this last horse I'm working on several eventing tack set, will keep one for myself to go with my CM ISH and sell the four other ones.

I already chose the "custom string" for the beginning of the year, Breyer "Silky Sullivan", "Morganglanz", "Lady Roxana", a CollectA Friesian and I also have a nice resin lion to paint for hubby, it will match his Assassin's Creed Origins figure.

If you want to learn the latest updates please check my Facebook page, far more easy to use for me for quick updating :



Devil Inside de Falde - 12/29/2017, in the Dun Gallery. FOR SALE
Legend de Falde - 12/18/2017, in the Gallery of Other Colors
Summer de Falde - 12/16/2017, in the Pinto Gallery
Lunique de Falde - 12/05/2017, in the Dun Gallery
Golliwog's Cakewalk de Falde - 11/30/2017, in the Appy Gallery
Horizonte de Falde - 11/05/2017, in the Dun Gallery
Comedie de Falde - 11/05/2017, in the Dun Gallery
Chicuelo de Falde - 10/31/2017, in the Grey Gallery
Eisbonbon de Falde - 05/29/2017, in the Appy Gallery
Puzzle de Falde - 05/10/2017, in the Appy Gallery (Pintoloosa)
Blistering Skyde Falde - 05/06/2017, FOR SALE
Oscar IIde Falde - 03/26/2017, in the Bay Gallery
Pacino de Falde - 03/21/2017, in the Chestnut Gallery
Mangaro de Falde - 03/09/2017, For sale
Hope de Falde - 02/07/2017, in the Pinto Gallery
New Tack


Full Performance Package 2017

CM Orders


Resin Lion - Will be painted in realistic lion colors to match the Assassin's Creed Origin sculpture for hubby.



Tequila de Falde - Classic Breyer "Duchess", portrait model, slightly customized, will be a portrait model.

CM Works


Breyer "Silky Sullivan" - Will have new muzzle and new tail, customized in a young Welsh Section B Mare.

What I plan to do
for myself

Deputed Duke - Will be painted in dapple rose grey, inspired from real stallion Forcello

Mexico de Falde - Copperfox ISH with bulky head, portrait model of a French Trotter that was a school eventing horse, seal bay, will have an eventing tack set in tan/orange colors.
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