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Happy New Year for 2016

Coming soon in the sale section : lifesize handmade leathercraft items, from jewelry to horse English browbands, available for sale

If you want to learn the latest updates please check my Facebook page, far more easy to use for me for quick updating :



Anadarko de Falde - 201/23/2016, in the Gallery of Other Colors
Olena Champion de Falde - 12/30/2015, in the Gallery of Pintos
Sweetness de Falde - 12/19/2015, in the Gallery of Bays
Go Gun It de Falde - 11/23/2015, FOR SALE
Bering de Falde - 11/14/2015, in the Gallery of Greys
Kontakia de Falde - 10/30/2015, SOLD
Lucky Warrior de Falde - 10/23/2015, in the Gallery of Pintos
Sigovese de Falde - 07/17/2015, in the Gallery of Bays
Black Hawk de Falde - 05/31/2015, in the Gallery of Pintos
Gunslinger de Falde - 04/30/2015, FOR SALE
Caramel de Falde - 02/28/2015, in the Gallery of Duns/Grullas
Tinseltown de Falde - 02/21/2015, in the Gallery of Duns/Grullas
Skips Cowboy de Falde - 01/24/2015, in the Gallery of Appaloosas
New Tack
Saddleseat set - LB size, will be available for sale soon
Shipping boots set - on the "For Sale" page
Hackamore bridle - in the Bridle Section of the Tack Room
Belly pad/ Shortgirth combo - in the Boots section of the Tack Room
Jumping single flap saddle - in the Saddle section of the Tack Room

Open front jumping boots - 2 new styles in the Boots section of the Tack Room
Hind eventing boots - in the Boots section of the Tack Room
Ankle boots - in the Boots section of the Tack Room
CM Orders

For Thierry Audusseau (France)

Custom tack : dark brown western set with painted saddle inspired from a real Al Stohlman's piece to fit a Cowboy Up resin


For Nadège, France

Endellion de Falde
- CM CollectA Arabian Mare to medium dapple grey, portrait model

CM BHR Western Pleasure - red liver chestnut overo Paint with flaxen mane & tail

  For Emily, Switzerland

Portrait model of Buddees Got A Gun
- Dark palomino Paint Horse Stallion, on a Breyer Classic Hollywood Dun It in progress

For Kimberly, USA

Dark brown marathon harness complete, in the Tack Gallery

anatomic breastcollar
straight breastcollar


For Carol, Australia

Black hunter saddle with matching girth lined with fleece
London tan hunter saddle with matching embroidered girth

CM Works
Akhal Teke Full Performance Package - Brigitte Eberl Akhal Teke stallion #1 I will paint in sooty buckskin as soon as the tack set I'm making for him is complete. Horse will come with a Turkmenistan tack set including bridle and neckpiece decorated with homemade lead plates, a saddle with stones/metal inlays and a decorated leather pad neckpiece is complete, bridle is in progress
Paint job & Tack set Radium de Falde - "Garron" HA Highland Pony resin painted in black to Merens pony, with mahogany harness set. Will be offered for sale
Harness in progress
Paint job  


Ike de Falde - Breyer "Cody" I will paint in bay blanket appy with roany effects


Spadassin de Falde

PF Bach - Gina Hall Anderson large classic scale warmblood gelding to Cadre Noir dressage horse

customizing of the mane, from small braids on the right side to a unique braid with ribbon along the crest of the neck on the left side complete
sculpted shoes
sanding, priming and painting in oils to dark golden shaded bay
black Cadre Noir bridle with brass hardware, ribbon snaffle bridle pieces, regular leather long shank bridle pieces, chain on the browband and burgundy ribbon tied to the crown piece
in progress
A la Française saddle, made of burgundy suede with brass stirrups
Burgundy saddle pad with golden borders

What I plan to do
for myself


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